Below is a list of some of my side projects.


Dogepricer is a Chrome extension that tracks the price of Dogecoins. I used this project to learn more about JavaScript patterns especially promises. I ended up using the Bluebird promise library.


Flask-mandrill is a Flask extension that removes some of the boiler plate involved when sending emails through the mandrill API.


Hashcolor this started out as a request from a co-worker in a project we were working on. He wanted a function that would return a unique color based on a username. The color was going to be used as the background for an avatar place holder until the user set their own custom picture.


Namegen is a probabilistic name generator. I built it while taking an Game AI course during my MS program. I've always been interested in procedural content generation and kind of just went from there with it. The program isn't just randomly picking a name from a set list of names it is generating entirely new names after being trained on a corpus. The corpus it is currently using is the NLTK names corpus. If one was so inclined they could use a different corpus like Eleven names from LOTR and they would get entirely different names.